My new Xbox 360!!!!


 On Wednesday i got a….GUESS WHAT?…. I GOT AN…XBOX 360!!!!!!


xbox 360 console

xbox kinect (kinects are AWESOME)

320gb hard drive

xbox live membership for 4 month’s

4 games:

Lego Star III The Clone Wars,Kinect Adventures, Kinect Sports And Just Dance 3. 😀

My time playing on my new xbox 360:

My first game i played was Kenict Adventures its  a game where you are going on an adventures in the jungle, the mountain tops, in outerspace and under the sea level.

in the jungle you are in a raft and you have to move you IN REAL LIFE (but you have to be in front of the kinect)

You have to collect coins and get a amount of points to complete the level.

On kenict sport you have a variety of sports like:’

beach volley ball+soccer+championship bowling+track and field+boxing+table tennis.

On Lego Star Wars you have to complete the level by killing droids and do as much as it tells you to do.

Sorry 🙁 i haven’t played Just Dance 3 yet but I will eventually.. you sorry again if you like it.

Do you like any of these games?


Brave !

Hi guys,

On the 23 June a Saturday. My brother, Mum, Nephew and I went to see Brave at the movies.

Brave is about a princess called Meredith who has to get married, but she doesn’t want to get married because she wants to be. So she gets  a spell from a witch and it turns her mum into a baer.


My trip to Hong Kong

At the end of e year  I  will be going to Hong Kong to visit my mum and dads family.  I am very excited to be going back to see my Aunties ,Uncles and my cousins and my grandma. I am looking forward to be going to disneyland  with my cousins .  But Iam still looking forward to be having photos with some of the cartoon characters.  But I can’t remember anything I did there in 2010. But I also like going to Ocean world because I like the dolphins and seals. But I am looking forward to be going back.

Day Trip to Ulverstone

In the holidays we went to Ulverstone for a day trip.

Mum made all the food while me and Dad packed the camping chairs and picknick rug into the Mercedes 180 se.

Finally we were ready to go.

It was very enjoyable thanks to the country and the Merc’s soft seats an suspension.

Finally we  got to Ulverstone we set up the rug and chairs.

After that we had lunch.

 We then had a game of crichet.

I lost by a lot.

What did you do in your Holidays.



Our New Bathroom

In our house we are renovating our old pantry, into a new bathroom.

In this bathroom we have a old toilet that has one of those chain flusher,  and it actually has a bath this time.

In the old bathroom, we didn’t have a bath.I’m probably going to use the upstairs bathroom more than the downstairs bathroom.

Sincerly Belinda.

My poem of the Ocean.

The water was  as soft as a floating cloud.

The  moon was as a shiny as a diamand.

The angry shark was like a roaring rhino.

The fish was as oily as a greasy chip.

the chest was as gold as a piece of a ancient scroll.

The ocean





G’day peeps!!!

Last term we focused on who discovered Australia, do you know who did?

Please comment 😀 😛 :<     <—— Darth Vader  😀 😀 😀 🙂

Devonport Cup

In the holidays me and my rep team went to Devonport.It goes over two days Saturday and Sunday.
Our first game was against Devonport,I kicked 1 goal.
We won 2-1.
Our second game was against Ulverstone in the rain,I kicked 3 goal’s.Tristan also kicked 3 goal’s.
We won 10-1.
Our third game was against Hobart ,I 1 goal.
We won 5-2.
In the semi-final I kicked 1 goal.
We won 6-1.
In the grand final we were versing Hobart again, I kicked 5 goals.

We won 6-3.

We all got medals.

I had a great time.



Hey Guys. About seven weeks ago a show called EuroVision that has heaps of  talent.

The point of this Europe (And Russia) battle it out out on  stage to see has the most talent.

Here’s a quiz.

Who do you think won EuroVision?

A: Sweden

B: Norway

C: Russia

Please put Anwser’s  as you do you’r commet .

Thanks Jordan.             (Caution if you don’t know the answer just guess/ DONT look it up on the internet)

The sleep over.

Brianne, Jemima and I all had a sleep over together,

It was going really good until Jemima didn’t feel well. We didn’t sleep at all Jemima ended up going home at 6 o’clock.

Later on she called me and said she got 5 hours sleep and Brianne got half an hour, I got none I ended up going shopping.

The next day I slept in.

By Olivia.

Book reveiw: Tiger trouble

I am doing a book review on a totally awesome book called tiger trouble.

Tiger trouble is about a girl called Taya, her mum fosters animals from the zoo (two of which are tiger cubs) and her dad is a photographer. The Tigers names are chips and gravy.


I don’t want too tell you too much just in case you are reading/going to read it.

you can get the books at the school library.

I would recommend them to good readers as they have some complex words.


that’s all for now

Jemima  ;D


Grandad’s block

yesterday I went with my dad to my grandad’s block. Grandad and my dad were cutting wood. While I sat in the car listening to D,O,H (door of hope) music.Later i got my leg stuck in the mud. The car got stuck when trying to get out of the lower part of the block. Grandad needed to pull us out with his car. I had a Milo for lunch with a sausage roll. Tthen I listened to more D,O,H. On the way home I slept for half the way and once I woke up I  had a crumbed piece of fish with a honey crunch flavored JIVI. When i got home I went to play my iPod. Also i was sick so I played for a bit then went to sleep for a hour or so. I woke up and played my iPod even more and went back to sleep. That’s why Iwasn’t at school Tuesday the 26th of June.

Euro 2012

In Europe there is a competition called euro 2012.There are two teams in the final they are Spain and Ital. I’m hoping Spain win because they deser to win.The game is on at three in the moreing next week I think I will get up and watch it but I don’t know.


THIS term in inter schools me and my friend are doing FOOTY!!!!!!!!!!!


ON fridays we go to  the Footy oval and either do some drills or we play a game , it is so fun to be able to train for inter schools!!!


😛 😀 😀 😀  please COMMENT!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀