Is it ALREADY the end of the year???:(

I can not beleive it is ALREADY the end of the year!!!!!! This yeah ahs been awesome. My class is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooocool, and so is Mrs Grist she is also awesome as well!!!!!!!:) I have had 2 bookbuddies in kinder they r 1 of my bookbuddies is called Jade and Isabella.  Anyway bye 4 now guys!!!!!!!:) xxxxxxxxx

Interschools Athletics Carnival

A while ago we had the inter-schools athletics carnival and it was very fun.I did the 70 meter sprint, 100 meter sprint and the relay.My favourite event was the 70 meter sprint .I came second in the 70 meter sprint third in the 100 meter sprint and we came fifth in the relay.Over all I had a great day.Well, thats all for now.Bye :)


This year has been an interesting one. I have had alot of art lessons like sketching, face potrait, maccoraw ( parrot ) ect….. . On  Thursday and Friday this week me and my class and our book buddies are going to go swimming, we are going swimming for half an hour. I  have been doing fun  activites and cool games for daily P.E.,  like ,doge ball ,soft ball, square doge ball ect….. .We have been on an excursion to Hagley Farm Primary school ,it was  O.K. I guess.

Our Lapathon

Three weeks ago we had a lapathon to raise money for charity.What you do is you jump  in, do a lap and then hop out and do it again.We had 20 minutes to do as many laps as we could and in the end I did 18.I do not know how much money I have raised but I will tell you as soon as I can.Well, thats all for now. Bye :)

About school,

We have been having great fun with Mrs Grist and are loooking forward to the end of school. The thing we have been learnig about is our digestive system. It is fun and interesting. Today is Orientation Day. There is this new boy in our class, his name is Locklen. He will be coming next year for school. The other thing we have been doing is our power point slide show on our book. The book I have been writing about is A Week In The Woods. The Author is Andrew Clements and the illustrator is Brian Selznick. You can tell they have put alot of efort into that book, that is not the only book they have done together. See you, bella

book budies

though the year we have been doing book budies with the kinder. My book budies are zimri and dezil. we have one week with one buddie
on week b i have zimri on week a i have dezil we have a swimming lesson with dezil on the 1st of december and i have dezil on the
2nd of december. with zimri i am with Jesse streets and with dezil i am with my self and it is fun thats my book budies Yeah !!!!!

Orientation Day!

Hi,Today is the 30th of November and that means it is Orientation day. In our class we have a boy called Lachlon.Orientation day is when people come and check out our school and see if they like it and they may like it so thatmeans that they we come next year! :D

hagley farm school

last term we went to the halgey farm school. we got to churn butter, spin wool, make candles, and make bread. 
it was heaps of fun. we also saw calves, deers, sheep, and alpacas. 
we went for the whole day and we got to taste the bread and the butter.
C U later!

boook reveiw writing

The last couple of weeks we have bei ng doing book reveiws th last couple of weeks first. First we did it at homework writting in our home work book we read a hole book  and then write about like the setting  the end. When we fineshed with the homework we did it on the computer then we just read it out to the class and we do not read from the computer we made it bigger with our own words

The Interschools Carnival!! ♥

WOW!!!!! The Inter schools running Carnival was AWESOME I did high jump 4 the first time ever but I did’nt do it in the Interschools but I came 4th in the non Interschools!!!!!!:)

I got I got third in 70 m sprint and 3rd in the 100 m sprint!!!! Anbd 5 in realy and 400m!!!

Thats all from me today guys!!!:) ♥♣